Obviously she didn’t get tired of it, but she got careful pretty quick. Although Juno’s life remained charmed in every low-level kind of way, it seemed that whenever she tried to do an act of Magic that blatantly went against nature, things would go slightly but crucially wrong. The day after Halloween she wound up with a whole lot of wood pulp on her head when she spontaneously tried to recreate the flowing green locks of a mermaid in a comic strip. She was too shocked to do anything else fancy and the stuff came off quite easy, so she flushed it down the toilet before collapsing in tears, because of course she was now bald. By the time grandma came back in from the yard, though, stubbles were already poking through Juno’s scalp. Grandma still about dropped. No sensible word was to be had out of Juno. She kept on sobbing that she’d Magicked her hair away by mistake. She couldn’t get herself to reveal the part involving the nasty wood pulp her angelic curls had become.

‘Y’know, Bernard,’ said grandma that night after she’d put the finishing touches to a bonnet, made sure she locked her scissors away this time, and mopped the flooded bathroom for the second time in as many hours, ‘I reckon that’s the witch craze definitely over.’