What you’ve witnessed here, reader, is a typical example of the casual witchism that is still so rampant in the Council even today. You try hexing ‘a bit of a manual’!

But amazingly, and ominously, Juno rose to the challenge. She’d hardly shut her bedroom door before she said in a commanding voice she’d never used before, ‘I want a book that tells me everything I wanna know about being a witch!’ She’d thought about this on her way up the stairs. Since she didn’t know any proper spells yet she’d figured that it might be an idea to make herself feel as Magic and grown-up and powerful as possible and just go for it, like she’d done before when she’d had some kind of results with the mug and Doris and the rocking-horse. And sure enough, right there on her desk a large volume appeared. Juno gasped, raced over and held her breath as she opened its plain black cover. Inside was a handwritten dedication: ‘To Juno, with best wishes on December 6, 1960, from herself’. That got a giggle. She quickly turned the page. The title read, ‘JUNO’S REQUESTED BOOK OF WITCHCRAFT’. She whipped this page over and read, ‘Chapter I – Introduction To Physical Reality’. Eagerly she flew through another page and another couple and another few, and could see all her wishes come true in that book.

Unfortunately, though, it was a huge, gigantic mistake.

You see, wording is real important with Magic. Crucial. What Juno ought to have said is, ‘I want a book that tells me everything about being a witch!’ Or she could’ve said, ‘I want a book that tells me everything I need to know about being a witch.’ And she would’ve gotten a completely different book. (A ‘please’ and a ‘thank you’ might’ve gone down pretty good, too.) As things were, she really did only have ‘a bit of a manual’. Which she would go by for years to come.