On Saturday morning she couldn’t think of anything in the world she wanted to do on her own. She’d been spared getting physically sick from gorging on cakes, but she felt kind of heartsick from gorging on Magic. It sure didn’t help that she was at that age when you’re not a child anymore but definitely not an adult yet, and right now didn’t really know what she liked anyhow. She didn’t fancy making herself older again like she’d done a few times during the week. On those occasions people, particularly men, had treated her totally different, and, although she had a hard time admitting it, that freaked her out. So Juno decided she’d use her Magic powers to find herself a Magic companion. Her book said that there were male and female witches all over the world. There had to be one who’d be her friend.

Since there was no spell for this kind of thing in the book, she did as before and commanded, ‘I want a list of all the witches and warlocks in the world, with age and address!’ She still hadn’t learned to say please, nor thank you when a piece of paper showed up on her desk. On it was written a single line. ‘The information you have requested is ex-directory,’ read Juno. No apology. But then Juno’d set the tone, I guess.

She wasn’t defeated. There had to be another way. She sat down in thought. On all her travels that week she’d imagined only once that she’d sensed Magic in somebody else, in an elderly woman walking away from her on a crowded street corner in Paris. When Juno’d skidded ’round the corner the woman had been gone, and all hexing and charming hadn’t brought her back. Now an elderly woman wasn’t Juno’s idea of a fun companion, but it looked like she’d have to do for now. And maybe that wasn’t her real age anyhow.

Juno wasn’t planning on hanging ’round street corners on spec. That was beneath a proper witch. After all, her book gave instructions on how to use a crystal ball.