‘Any individual to be perceived should be visualized clearly, if possible physically, but definitely in spirit,’ it said. ‘Therefore a certain amount of essential information concerning this individual is necessary. Position your hands either side of the crystal ball, call on the Magic as outlined in Chapter II, and maintain a clear intention to hold the individual between your hands.’

Juno figured that being aware that a person had Magic powers was pretty essential stuff to know about somebody. After she’d conjured her personal crystal ball as per the procedure in Chapter III, she put her hands either side of it, called on the Magic and vigorously intended for her hands to contain a certain woman with a thing for ugly brown coats who’d been in Paris a few mornings back and had Magic powers.

The crystal ball’s insides stayed cloudy. Juno kept it up a couple minutes. Then, just to check the ball was working, she shifted her intention onto Doris. Right away here was Doris in her mom’s kitchen, saying, ‘I’m so bored…’ ‘Go tidy your room,’ said Doris’s mom. ‘That’s what you oughta have done yesterday after school, instead of going AWOL.’ The ball was working alright.

The book also gave instructions on how to protect oneself against showing up in somebody else’s crystal ball. Juno had to admit that any witch who wanted privacy and didn’t do this would have to be pretty darn stupid.

So, Juno summarized in her head after she’d cast the protective spell over herself, the only other witch she knew of might or might not be an elderly woman who maybe, just maybe lived in Paris, and whom she had no way of contacting. And what was worse, it sure looked like witches and warlocks weren’t all that keen on getting in touch with each other. It looked like they were pretty keen instead on staying well under each other’s radar. Juno leafed through the appendix of her book again. There was that form she hadn’t understood before. It was headed ‘Witches’ and Warlocks’ Directory’. It had boxes to be ticked for inclusion in or exclusion from this directory and lines for date and signature underneath. Juno wondered what would happen if she went for inclusion. Maybe somebody would contact her? But why had everybody else chosen to be excluded? All of a sudden this whole Magic deal didn’t seem like that much fun anymore.

The meters were ticking as fast as Juno was emptying her pockets.