She stayed put in her room the rest of Saturday, weighing up her options. She reread the whole book to make sure it really didn’t contain anything on how to find fellow witches, besides the useless crystal ball technique. She tried calling up Magic as such, in anybody at all, in her ball, which it wouldn’t do. After that she couldn’t think of anything else. All in all it looked like for the moment her only choice was to carry on with the life she knew, until she somehow found out more. It was a pretty neat life, really, and it couldn’t possibly be made worse by the fact that she now knew how to do proper Magic.

Early Sunday morning Juno ticked the box marked ‘Exclusion’, and with the spell provided at the bottom sent the form off to its destination, care of the Sorcery Council. Next she lifted the charm she’d put on grandma and pop and went down for breakfast. She was glad to have them back and have Sunday breakfast with them as normal, although at the same time she felt distant from them and anything but normal. Then again that’s a feeling familiar to all adolescents, not only those with Magic powers.

She also went ’round Doris’s house that day. Doris was initially thrilled to see Juno, but got kind of grumpy real soon, partly because she’d been so bored and lonely all week, partly for hormonal reasons. Juno couldn’t remember Doris, or anyone, ever calling her a cow before. She was so shocked that she put just a teeny tiny spell on Doris so she’d be nicer. Doris was nicer after that, but something about her friend’s moronic smile left Juno with a pretty bad aftertaste that lasted the whole rest of the day.

It was the first sign that the low-level Magic which had protected Juno as a child was no longer in place. Back at school the next morning her Spanish teacher came down heavy on her for not having done any work at all while she’d been off sick. This was followed by Esther Pippet adding during recess, while looking right at her, that picking up a pen now and again might actually have helped Juno scratch herself in awkward places. She got laughs all ’round. As teenagers go it was a totally harmless remark, but it nevertheless counted as the first taste of teasing that had ever come Juno’s way. She barely kept herself from turning Esther into a giant toad there and then. It was clear that she’d have to adjust.