For the next couple years Juno actually worked. Not on her assignments obviously, or at being nice to people or even being witty. But she sure was kept busy with her Magic, to take care that she stayed as popular as she’d got accustomed to, and top of her class and the prettiest. She spent lots of time and effort on her appearance, gradually making herself more and more perfect. Her legs got longer and longer, her lips fuller, her cheekbones ever more prominent. Her hair grew into a golden cascade. She really was a goddess now. This meant that at least she was naturally popular with the guys. She only had to put charms on them if she wanted them to regain their power of speech and ask her on a date. So she could blow them out, obviously.

But Juno’s great physical beauty led to a slow estrangement from Doris, who didn’t have a vain bone in her body and never got much attention, even though she was way less disfigured by gashes than she’d used to be and probably the funniest girl in school. She was a real smart girl, too, and deep down not so sold on her childhood friend these days. If often inexplicably overcome to tell the world how great Juno was and still seek her company.

So Juno used round-the-clock charms and spells galore to make damn sure that academically and socially her life stayed as successful as it had always been. Inside, though, she wasn’t happy. Still officially adorable and still top of her class, but still not happy. It wasn’t emptiness or anything so profound that she felt. It was sheer colossal boredom. The kind that couldn’t be killed by flying visits to Bloomingdale’s or flying ’round the Empire State Building. She was fifteen now, and since her thirteenth birthday hadn’t once had the phantom of an imaginary butterfly in her stomach. She was on top of every situation. There wasn’t a guy anywhere whom she was interested in. The other girls’ excitable talk about dates and life after graduation was irrelevant to her.

Ironically Juno also felt unappreciated. After all, nobody really knew her, and what she was capable of. She so wished for a Magic companion. Preferably a hunky warlock.

As had been on the cards, her life in Hastings-Sunrise was getting too small for Juno. In the summer of her sixteenth year, she began to cast her net wider.