‘The first song we’re gonna play for you tonight was written by Ian Tyson. This is Four Strong Winds,’ said the other guitarist. Some folks applauded. The group launched into the song.

It was the most beautiful music Juno had ever heard, with a haunting sweet sadness and heart-rending harmonies by the trio. And by the end of it she was amazed to see that not even her smart neighbour was paying her attention anymore. Every person in the room was spellbound by the song. That was the moment when Juno knew she was on to something.

That night she didn’t find out what exactly it was, though. The Kopala Trio did two more songs and a whole bunch of other singers and guitarists did lots more, but Juno lost track of who was who or in which group, as everybody kept on mingling onstage. At the end of the night most of the performers squeezed back up and did two numbers all together, one called Two Brothers and one called Blowin’ In The Wind. But, except for maybe during that very last song, Juno hadn’t got that dense and lithe feeling, the one she knew from Rolf’s visit and Paris and Kent’s words and now from hearing Four Strong Winds, densely and lithely enough for her to think there was some kind of connection with Magic. She left real quick before the smart kid or Abe or any of the other hundred and twenty guys could refocus on her.

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