That did it. Juno came to, and turned it on full. ‘Nectar?’ she purred, shaking her hair. ‘Jack Daniels,’ replied he. He still hadn’t twitched. ‘Thank you,’ said Juno. In one smooth movement she took the cup, knocked back its contents and held it out again while arching a flawless eyebrow in a silent demand for more.

Now he did twitch. And at last Juno gave him a smile. Her best engulfing, submerging, swamping smile. He briefly swayed on jellified legs. ‘I’m Juno,’ she said.

‘I knew you were no mere mortal,’ rasped he. ‘And I’m –– …’

‘David! Are you watching, man? This is important! This is what we gotta assimilate!’ A second guy had showed up, ’round the same age. Early twenties. This one was taller and skinnier, and had a fairer and slightly longer version of the hairdo. He wore little square shades and looked real hip, and real focussed too. He paid no attention at all to Juno.

‘’Course I am,’ said David and vaguely glanced towards the stage. He winked at Juno and moved closer to her.

‘You got any idea where Gene is?’ asked his friend.

‘Left him back at base,’ said David and pointed carelessly over his shoulder towards the rear of the theatre without taking his eyes off Juno.

‘Alright. That’s where we’ll be. Watching,’ said the guy and disappeared in the crowd.

‘Please forgive my rude friend,’ said David. ‘He gets a little excited. We’re musicians too, you see.’

As if Juno hadn’t known. She’d known it as sure as she’d been that they weren’t warlocks and as The Beatles now were that you couldn’t buy love.