She packed her bags like anyone relocating. That way grandma got to flap around a great deal and pop had a chance to grumble lots in the background. In her excitement Juno’d tried to do the whole thing without any Magic at all, but the sight of her parents trying to comprehend why their brilliant daughter was jacking school the week her final year began had just proved too much. As if it wasn’t hard enough at times to explain to her own head why she just had to go live someplace else. A letter from the University of California congratulating Juno on her acceptance to its unique new induction course for people too smart to rot at high school finally did the trick.

More Magic was needed to dissuade Bernard from running Juno down the coast, and to make the greyhound stop a couple miles outside the city so she could get off. Once she stood on a crest of the highway, though, with the sea to one side and the mountains in the distance on the other while the fresh wind blew her hair like an embodied fanfare, she realized some part of her had been enjoying the sensation of travelling. Jock boarded another mile further on, and for once in her life Juno was happy to arrive someplace the proper way.

In Seattle she had to switch coaches. As always in real-life situations it was easier to let Jock stay in charge. Juno only intervened to prevent a damp elderly man sitting beside her.

At 10pm the journey south began for real.