Just after lunchtime Juno led David the short distance from Linda’s house to her conveniently open new front door. She’d already changed the décor inside while pretending to be in the bathroom. All the French doors were open with colourful curtains streaming in the breeze. Hammocks and loungers filled the veranda and the hall adjoining it had lots of divans and easy chairs, but the large parlour contained nothing but a grand piano and flowers all around the room.

David was amazed. ‘Wow, I’d sure like to meet your aunt,’ he said. ‘She’s gotta be an interesting woman. Incredible that she lives just down from Linda!’

‘Well, strictly speaking she lives in Amsterdam right now,’ said Juno.

‘I thought you said it was Rome?’

‘Yeah, that too,’ said Juno hastily.

‘C’mon, let’s check out upstairs! I hope it’s a bedroom that’s got that dome thing!’

Juno hesitated. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for this. She had so hoped to get by without doing Magic directly to David. She needed to get by without doing Magic directly to David.

She did the only thing that came into her head that quick. She made the veranda collapse.

It had more than the desired effect. ‘OUT! OUT!’ yelled David dementedly and was halfway to the door before, to his credit, he doubled back to grab Juno. Before she knew what was happening they were racing down the street. ‘’s a quake!’ gasped David. ‘First one this month!’

But when all remained quiet and the ground stayed where it was outside Linda’s, he calmed down pretty quick. ‘Localized, I guess,’ he said, shrugging. ‘Let’s call the others and wait some.’

A moment later the street began to fill with neighbours. Juno had to draw David to one side with a lingering kiss so she could put a blanket spell on the rest of the crowd for everyone to forget all about the Forsythes. Folks hung around and chatted a while, and when after twenty minutes or so they filed back into their houses Juno had learned something new about her adopted town: everybody took collapses totally in their stride.