At the end of January David had a crisis of confidence. The band were recording their first single as The Byrds, a song by Bob Dylan, who seemed to be taking over everything and everybody right now despite inexplicably still living on the other side of the country in New York. Juno was amazed to find out that the guy in charge of production was Doris Day’s son! LA truly was amazing.

David was less impressed, on account of this Terry dude deciding that of the whole band only Jim was good enough to actually play on the record. A bunch of session guys were hired to lay down the others’ parts. Jim, Gene and David did their harmony singing, though, and when Juno got to hear the finished track she was about floored, such was the limitless density it put in the air.

But on the whole the episode, combined with a subsequent delay in the release of the single due to serious footwork Billy was forced to do around other folks in the record company, had pretty much the same effect on David as her inability to do proper Magic had had on Juno before her thirteenth birthday. Yes, reader, the h-word again. Humility.

So February and March ’65 were a particularly happy time for Juno. Spring was in the air, her old man was kind of quiet but super-attentive, and as Jim and his disconcerting intense stare didn’t frequent her house anymore it really did feel like David was all hers, in spite of the constant party crowd. He hardly ranted about politics now, except briefly in February when some dude with no surname was shot dead in New York, and a couple days in March when he wouldn’t shut up about Rolling Thunder, which didn’t seem to be another British rock ’n’ roll band. But apart from that he was absorbed in Juno and his rehearsing, which had taken the shape of a residency in Ciro’s, an elderly club on the wrong end of the Strip. Juno went along most nights, regardless of Jim. In a gig environment Jim paid next to no attention to anything else anyhow. Watching the Byrds get tighter and better on their crammed tiny stage and the lines outside get longer and the Troub emptier night after night, Juno felt herself transported back to The Depression, to seeing Joni start out and progressing so rapidly, and once again sensed just as strongly that something was in the air, something was happening, that she was part of something… something that any day now had to be Magic.