That same night at the Troub Barry came over to talk to David. ‘Neat cape, man,’ he said. ‘Listen, I got these guys in the studio right now, doing backup. I guess you know them. They’re from New York, used to be the Mugwumps. Call themselves The Magic Circle now. I tell ya, they got some songs! Think I got ’em a deal.’

‘The Mugwumps!’ said David and looked about as chuffed as he did when perusing the charts these days. ‘’Course I know them! Did a couple dates with them back east. Why didn’t you bring ’em down?’

‘I will…’ began Barry, but just then he was swamped by a gaggle of his own admirers.

‘Oh man, you gotta meet these guys,’ said David to Juno, thrilled. ‘You gotta meet Cass!’ Something in the way he said it didn’t thrill Juno at all. The Magic Circle, huh. She was real glad to rest her eyes on Jackson across the room.


Juno felt briefly better when she did get to meet Cass. Cass Elliott was a large gal and her manner even larger. Juno couldn’t imagine that there’d be anything but friendly feelings between David and her. But David clearly adored her, and her voice and her band’s songs.

He wasn’t the only one. In those months it seemed that LA could make anyone’s wishes come true. Within weeks Cass’s band had a top ten hit, duly called California Dreamin’. Like almost everyone in LA they’d also changed their name. They were The Mamas And The Papas now.


One night in November for the first time ever David didn’t come home. When there was no sign of him by ten o’clock and some strong feeling told her not to touch her crystal ball, Juno went up the road to the Troub, expecting to meet him there. She didn’t exactly go home alone after waiting three hours, as obviously there was the usual throng of interesting homeless folks. Jackson stoked the fire and brought her wine and kept her company among her ever-fresh flowers ’till the sun rose, ’cause she couldn’t face the star-studded cupola on her own.

David showed up at lunchtime, all smiles. He blithely reported that he’d spent the night at the Mamas and Papas’ new place up in the hills. There’d been the mother of all jams, he raved. Best night ever. Didn’t seem to occur to him that Juno had waited.

Before she could open her mouth or even think, there was a roaring noise at the door. Flowers trembled in vases. Folks were woken in hammocks.

It turned out to be Gene showing off his new dark red Ferrari. Not quite an earthquake, but Juno could almost feel something collapsing. Things were definitely changing. Looked like she definitely needed some kind of plan.