Only thing was, she had no idea what that plan could possibly be. Yet that she did need one was well and truly brought home to her on her eighteenth birthday. She’d planned to go all-out and throw the mother of all parties, with a vague idea in her head that she might really impress everybody by having some mega act serenade her, like… the Stones or the Beatles! She hadn’t even begun looking into the Magic logistics of all that when it was announced that December 6 would be the release date of the Byrds’ second album. Obviously there’d be a party for the band. Juno’s birthday would have to take a back seat. On learning this she felt something straining inside her like it hadn’t in a long time, and would no doubt have felt much more strained if she’d known that at some point her name and the words ‘back seat’ would crop up in the same sentence.

The day turned out to be much worse than feared. The whole band raced from one TV studio to the next press event from early morning, and not only did nobody find much time for Juno at the bash, but afterwards everyone decamped not to the cool house on the beach but to the Mamas and Papas’ rustic pad in the hills! Where there obviously was nothing but smoking pot and popping amies and playing damn guitars, and as non-hostess Juno didn’t feel part of it at all. Cass and David, on the other hand, were the twin suns of it all. It was that night that Juno first heard David being called the Lion King, in reference to his star sign and by now considerable mane. It was clear that music ruled. But a plan was taking shape in Juno’s head. Boy, was she going to show them how music ruled!