On the spring equinox an all-night hoot was held in the Troubadour. Everybody who was anybody attended, as well as the usual wannabes. Juno briefly contemplated getting up and doing Joni’s song. She’d practised a lot by now, not the singing and playing obviously, but the complicated Magic she had to perform. It consisted of three connected spells. First she had to call on the Magic while at the same time visualizing Joni singing the song, then do a space-and-time obliteration which mentally took her back to the Fourth Dimension, and finish up with a powerful execution spell that was like a maximisation of the bringing-on of the Magic. The end result of all this was that she’d always be reproducing that one performance of Joni’s, but she wasn’t worried about that. It was hardly gonna be a problem. As far as she was concerned it had been perfect.

She didn’t get up in the Troub, though. She was waiting for David to get back from an out-of-town gig.

At dawn a chosen circle moved on to Cass’s brand new place which was also up in the hills. Apart from Juno there were those of the Mamas and Papas who were speaking to Cass right then, David and Chris who’d returned by now, Jackson and his pal Greg, Billy the Columbia guy and his wife, a zany dude called Barry who was always around these days, Marc from The Turtles, a couple English musicians who were in town, the usual few good-looking chicks and some other hangers-on Juno didn’t really know. The customary shindig ensued.

Late in the morning Cass declared it time for brunch, and that it would be taken outside on the lawn. Her catering was at least as good as Juno’s, so a half hour later there were drowsy, well-fed bodies strewn all around the yard.

Juno reckoned she could rouse them.