Everything was different in the spring of ’66. David never went to any gathering of people without Juno anymore. He’d stand there in his cape and Borsalino and present her to the crowd like a magician whipping a musical bunny out of his hat. Ry had to go see Joni at The Chess Mate in Detroit, where she played with her husband. Luckily she had two more songs of her own. Juno sure liked the attention. All the guys and even some of the women now looked at her a little like David had for the first time that day on the lawn. And the stars or occasionally the sun that got to look through the cupola could see new and amazing sights. Not only did David keep on asking who this Michael in one of the new songs was but he never stayed out after gigs anymore. Juno got the feeling that if it had been an option he’d even have brought her along on tour.

By then she could’ve had Gene’s seat. He’d freaked on a plane on the runway. Anybody would have, wedged between David and Jim, as Jackson said. It was clear he didn’t mean the onboard seating arrangements. The Byrds pressed on without Gene.

Juno enjoyed herself while David was away that time. Going out on her own had never been such fun. She moved from the Troub to the Unicorn to a party, playing the three songs, basking in admiration and her new reputation for being super-friendly too, as afterwards she always went up to chat to the few folks she didn’t know. If they had any connection with the East Coast or Canada they’d experience a sudden partial blank on leaving town. Meanwhile Jackson took her places she’d never been, like the Big Bear Lounge in Huntingdon in Orange County, where he did a spot at the hoot, or to the jam sessions he played in at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Long Beach. Other days they spent at Billy the Columbia guy’s house near Cass’s in Laurel Canyon, which seemed to be the new asylum for every hungry musician in the state. All of whom loved Juno and her songs. Cass loved her too and Juno loved hanging at her place, now that she wasn’t into being a hostess anymore. If she was totally honest, that time while David was away Juno enjoyed herself… more.