The day David came back Horace Fillmore, a reclusive LA painter, was met aboard the Ataraxia by a most attractive young lady who introduced herself as the hostess for his deck. She apologized profusely for his cabin not being ready yet, but as Mr Fillmore had decided to join them on such short notice, which was her pleasure and no problem at all of course, it would take another little while to prepare. She later apologized a second time when the previous occupants’ name turned out to be on the welcome note tucked into his complementary fruit hamper. This, she hastened to explain, was due to this charming and very generous couple having also changed their plans at rather short notice. It appeared that the purser had yet to update his records. She removed the note reading ‘Mr and Mrs Forsythe’ and wished Mr Fillmore a pleasant stay. On settling into his cabin Horace briefly had the strange feeling that he’d forgotten something… not why he was here, obviously, which was clearly unimportant, no, it was something else… why was it he kept on thinking about cat food?


Almost immediately after Juno moved house she and David started drifting apart. It was she who wanted freedom more and more. There were so many houses to hang out at, so many hoots to play, so many guys with guitars who adored her songs… In her head they were pretty much her songs now, although twice Ry had to go hunt Joni down on the East Coast for more. And obviously there was Jackson, even if he and Juno never more than held hands and something about how he looked at her when she played had a way of reminding her that these weren’t her songs at all. David pined a little at first, but the Byrds were real busy being excited about their less commercial new sound, and, besides, there were so many people’s places to hang out at, so many gigs to play, so many chicks who adored his band… Nevertheless they still saw quite a lot of each other, particularly at Cass’s place, and it was David who was in the Troub with Juno in mid-April, the day she got the second biggest shock of her life.

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