Juno had one hell of a lotta Magic on in the spring of ’67. She had to vet her audience, keep Horace on the ship, monitor everyone’s tour schedules, and now that Jackson was gone she also needed to feed the cats and maintain tabs on him and Joni. Luckily Joni spent most of her time back in Canada right then. The closest she got to NY City was Philadelphia. Just to be on the safe side Juno put a Laurel Canyon zone alert around Joni, so she’d be notified if the two worlds were in danger of colliding.


All this Magic had Juno on a roll. Without Jackson for company she began to amuse herself by causing gratuitous havoc. She pretty much tormented Neil now, and soon Stephen into the bargain. On top of Neil’s regular troubles both guys’ lives seemed to consist of nothing but flat tyres, emoting chicks, bum trips, exploding amps and undercooked dinners. No wonder the rifles and tomahawks were out.

But their plight was as nothing compared to Juno’s every time she paid a flying visit to New York. Jackson was in trouble, and while she fretted over what to do she vented her anguish on everyone crossing her path. The luminaries of her scene were her own private show during that volatile spring. Nonstop obstacles were encountered by everyone, folks kept on ending up places they weren’t supposed to be, and stages were positively dangerous to set foot on. Before long the Mamas and Papas’ last rest of domestic harmony was in tatters and the Turtles had lost half their members, while David just couldn’t seem to get along with anyone anymore.

After all that what she did to Mick Jagger seemed harmless. She ran into him on Cass’s porch one long Sunday. She was on her way in when the fly screen opened and out stepped the Rolling Stone himself. Juno’d seen him around a couple times before as the Stones now often recorded in LA, but they’d never been introduced.

Mick took in her statuesque figure and her long golden mane. He clearly liked what he was seeing.

‘Hello,’ he said. ‘I was just about to…’ – he scanned Juno’s mock-Victorian flowery dress and crystal pendants – ‘… do my meditation. Care to join me?’

‘Sure,’ said Juno. She’d been to New York that morning, and her mind was racing to dredge up some mischief when a noise like a whole bunch of Ferraris roared up the hill.

It was a whole bunch of Hell’s Angels.