Their leader spotted Mick and Juno on the porch and skidded to a halt. Within moments they were facing a sea of bikers. Another couple moments and the engines were off.

‘Hey, you,’ the head Angel called to Mick. ‘Think you’re hard, huh? A Stone, huh?’ He got off of his bike.

‘U-oh,’ Mick said under his breath. ‘What we going to do with these cats?’

Juno’d got no clear idea what her mind was coming up with, but before she knew it she’d said, ‘Don’t you worry, they’re pussycats!’ She turned to the Angels. ‘Guys, we’re just gonna do some meditating. You joining in?’

One blanket spell later and with a chorus of appreciative muttering the Angels were filing in orderly fashion onto Cass’s lawn. They sat down in neat rows, their legs tucked in. ‘Lead on,’ chirped Juno to Mick, who was rooted to the spot.

‘Erm,’ said he, kneading his lips between his fingers. ‘Right…’

He crept to the head of the hushed gang of bikers as if on eggshells. Juno strolled along after him. Mick managed to position himself on the ground, but once confronted by the rows of solemn expressions in black leather faith seemed to desert him. Juno, who’d sat down beside him, decided to get the show on the road. She put her hands together and raised them over her head. The Angels copied her like puppets on invisible strings.

‘Ohm,’ went Juno.

‘Ohhmmmmm,’ boomed many deep voices around Cass’s yard. Juno made sure they couldn’t be heard in the house. She didn’t want any interruptions.

She went on to drive the Angels into a blissed trance. ‘Peace, man,’ or ‘Hallelujah!’ cried one or another of them periodically while they all rocked back and forth with cherubic smiles on their faces.

Mick was awestruck, and not meditating one bit.

Afterwards they all came over to shake his hand. ‘God bless ya,’ sighed a couple of them, and the head Angel said, ‘You stay away from that devil’s music, son!’

They got back on their bikes, and off into the sunset they rode.

‘Gosh,’ said Mick, staring at the turn in the road ’round which they’d disappeared. ‘This whole peace-and-love shit is starting to make me want to puke!’

She didn’t know it, but all this Magic had Juno change the course of rock ’n’ roll.