It remained that way for their entire first set. They did the usual standards together and Chuck sang backup on The Circle Game and Michael From Mountains, but there wasn’t much in-between chat. Nobody in the happy room seemed to mind.

Joni and Chuck spent their break talking to different people at opposite ends of the bar, and after half an hour reunited on the stage. Ry sipped his coke while Juno still hoped for a new song.

She didn’t get one, and Joni hadn’t even done Juno’s favourite when the couple took their final bows. ‘Mooore!’ cried the whole audience. Chuck wasn’t moving, but Joni picked up her guitar again and strummed a few chords. ‘No, not that one,’ Juno saw Chuck mouth. When Joni didn’t stop he left the stage.

Juno got her favourite song. While it didn’t go with the season something told her it might be fitting all the same. Joni sang about summertime being over and getting the urge for going as Chuck and his guitar flew into the spring night.

Minutes later Joni was shutting her case when another tall and real handsome dark-haired guy in a black polo neck rushed in through the door as fast as Chuck had left. He made his way to Joni, who was standing near Ry’s chair. ‘Oh, man, sorry I missed you guys,’ panted the newcomer and kissed Joni on the cheek. ‘Been in the studio all day.’ He looked around. ‘Chuck gone?’

‘Yeah… Hi Tom,’ said Joni. Her voice sounded strained. She gave Tom a little smile. ‘So, how you been getting on in the studio?’

‘Oh, you gotta listen to this!’ Tom pulled a tape from his shoulder bag. ‘Not mine, they’re demo tracks. Got them from this guy I know at Electra. There’s a song on here I’m definitely gonna cut. Shadow Dream Song, it’s called.’ Ry spluttered a mouthful of coke all over himself while Juno’s mind spun into freefall. ‘Guy from LA,’ continued Tom unconcerned. ‘Guy called Jackson Browne.’