When they got to Big Sur Juno spontaneously made Billy stop. As she and Jackson stood in the pale sunshine on the same brush-covered spot Jock had looked out from almost three years ago, Juno got a sudden sense of the distance she’d come and overwhelmingly felt for a moment as though some second person inside her was breaking out of and away from her through her skin, leaving her all hollow and somehow deserted. She grabbed Jackson’s hand real quick, and found herself jerkily becoming intact again. Jackson searched her face while he steadied her. ‘I did think it was pretty heavy stuff,’ he said. ‘It’s gotta be, you can normally smoke anything!’

The town of Monterey had been taken over by the love army. Technicolor motors and groovy people abounded. Even the cops wore flowers on their hats. Billy coaxed the car to the County Fairgrounds, where he and Judy went to sit in an enclosure with the other record company folks. Jackson and Juno just drifted.

There was as much music off the stage as on it, and band members were casually mingling with fans. Giant balloons and Stars and Stripes floated everywhere. Stalls sold crystals and tie-dye clothes while two dudes in an improvised sound booth had a large crowd spellbound demonstrating a weird electronic instrument. A synthesizer they called it, which Jackson thought far out.

The sound from the stage was mindblowing. It was the hugest rig anybody had ever seen. Simon and Garfunkel headlined that Friday night. Enveloped by the intense smell of hemp side by side on the still-warm grass Juno and Jackson were two specks in the singing twilit crowd, but Juno didn’t feel anonymous at all.

On the Saturday they were firmly back in their fold. Saturday was the day the Byrds played. Juno got to meet a lotta new singers and musicians and even another Rolling Stone. The Stones weren’t on the bill, due to some trouble with the law they were having back home, but Brian Jones had come anyhow and was freewheeling ’round the event like a mascot in brocade and lace. Most of the other bands Juno met were from San Francisco. Although the festival had mainly been organized by the Mamas and Papas’ camp, David acted like he was everyone’s host. Then again he seemed to be the only person around who knew everyone, all the groups from the Bay and all the groups from LA, and even the English ones.

Juno just about avoided having to meet Nico.

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