It wasn’t the first time. Joni’d got around a bit that summer. She’d constantly moved back and forth across the border and had even been to England, to support The Incredible String Band. But Juno had always been able to prevent their two worlds colliding.

She now yanked out her crystal ball. Maybe Jackson… he wasn’t that close to Canada, but you never knew…

Joni was setting up in a club. She definitely wasn’t anywhere near Canada, for she was wearing a summery dress… Juno scanned the club between shaking hands ’til she could read its name in neon behind the bar. Gaslight South. Gaslight… as in The Gaslight coffee house in New York? She hadn’t known that they had another place further south… South. Oh NO.

She was too late to catch him in the street. He’d already gone inside and Joni’d already started playing. He looked like he’d been hit by a hand grenade. There was no time…

Wham. She’d lost David.


As usual Juno’s book had absolutely no advice whatsoever. You couldn’t let regular folks know that something beyond their understanding was going on or you’d damage your powers, but that was it. She went ’round Cass’s place, changed the spell as planned and dragged her out to the Troub. There Juno sang her short set twice and broke hearts all night.

She was still in bed the next morning when she found a solution. She’d put another zone charm around Joni, for folks to forget all about her, Juno, the moment they crossed it, and recover their recollections while failing to recall Joni on moving away. The zone around Joni would only have to be the size of a club as she hadn’t made any records. Where Judy Collins was concerned, Juno’d just have to busk it. For a start she’d keep her album out of LA.

Juno bounced out of bed and turned on the radio. She all but dropped when out of it tinkled Judy Collins’s voice, singing Both Sides Now, one of Joni’s songs from Wildflowers. And her heart sank further when the DJ announced afterwards that the track was rapidly rising up the nationwide charts.