Juno refused to regard this as meltdown. While she just knew that as long as she kept Cass and David under a spell they were somehow lost to her, like everyone else she’d ever directly inflicted Magic on who wasn’t singing or playing an instrument at the time, Jackson was safe. Jackson was in a mountain lodge, real removed from everything. Juno was confident that she could still fix this.


David stayed away, which suited Juno. He and Joni were getting it on, predictably. In between he managed to buy the boat he’d gone to Florida for and sail some. Eventually he accompanied Joni back to New York where she now had a place.

After lots more deliberation Juno put a blanket spell on Wildflowers, for anybody who came in contact with it in any way, shape or form to forget instantly that Juno’d ever sang Both Sides Now and Michael from Mountains, the second of Joni’s songs on the album. That way the modified spell on Cass was redundant and Juno could let her go to some march in Washington she’d been on and on about. No matter, Juno figured, if Cass ran into Judy Collins there, who seemed to have made these kind of events her main habitat. Juno was thus also able to embark on a frenzy of hootenannies and performing at parties, with two songs dropped from her repertoire obviously. Some nights she felt reassured and others she didn’t. But Jackson was still at the lodge and still safe. By the time he came home everything would be fixed.

David returned to LA in December. Juno met him off the plane and switched spells, and everything seemed real normal. If she didn’t look at the small empty space in his eyes.

As her number one priority was to avoid doing Magic directly to Jackson at all costs, she now did what she’d been putting off. She went to see Joni.