The only other place on it she could’ve imagined going was San Francisco, and that had since the big bonding at Monterey definitely become too close. She was disconsolately sitting on the beach in Venice, with no idea what part of the world she should even think about heading for, when her eyes alighted on the nearby Marina del Rey. This was where David was going to moor his boat once he’d had her transferred from Miami.

It was an impulse decision. It was a sanctuary.

Unlike her arrival Juno’s departure from LA didn’t happen the proper way, and moments later she stood on the deck of the Mayan, the wooden schooner David had bought, at her mooring in Miami. Another couple minutes and the boat was leaving the calm waters of the harbour, with Juno at the bow as poised and empty-eyed as a figurehead.

For more than two months she washed up and down the Keys in the company of only her crystal ball, addicted to a show she was no longer part of. She never set foot in LA herself. David didn’t miss his boat. In between presenting Joni at parties like a magician whipping a musical rabbit out of his hat, he was producing an album for her. Jackson finally made it out of the lodge, along with everyone else, when Electra turned off the money tap, and moved back into Billy and Judy’s house, licking his wounds. No album had been recorded in the wilds. But gradually Juno saw spring announcing itself in the canyon and a new light rising in Jackson’s eyes.

On the day of the equinox she docked at last. The port was Key Largo. Two years had passed since she’d first sang Joni’s song. She wandered the streets, still adrift. Emerging as if from a dream at sunset, she looked around to find she’d strayed onto the wrong side of town. Dark eyes were rapt in dark corners, but obviously nobody approached her. At the far end of a street she saw the water in the last light. The sun stopped glistening off of it that moment. Still restless, Juno walked east towards the sea. Where the street met the empty quay was a bar. It had no name, unless it was called Esta Noche: Ojos De Brujo, as per the stained board on its wall. Warlock’s eyes tonight, translated Juno. Fat chance. Probably some kinda card game.