Dios mio, you too? Am I your first one? I’m so sorry!’ exclaimed Aurelia and held a hand out to Juno.

‘Me too what? My first what?’ wheezed Juno, hastily rising without taking the offered hand. She was all but punched back over by the bundled mass of boundless air rushing and swirling around Aurelia. Her hair stood on end. So this was what real Magic felt like. Juno reeled.

‘You’re a witch, true or not? And you can feel me, true or not, just like I can feel you?’ Aurelia made to steady Juno, but seemed to decide against it at the last moment.

Still wobbly on her feet, Juno considered Aurelia’s sweet face, her cute little nose, her luscious lips, and, at last, her warm hazel eyes. They looked… trustworthy.

‘So you’re class A?’ she asked finally, brushing sand off herself and trying to sound like it was something she said every day.

‘With endorsement,’ replied Aurelia real quick, in the tone of one asserting that although she’d stolen a cake she hadn’t actually eaten it. ‘But this is the class B bit. I’m sorry that you fell over. Same thing happened to me on my brother’s thirteenth birthday, and again on mine. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.’ She looked Juno up and down. ‘So you’re with the other gringos?’ she said then.

On the spur of the moment Juno decided to be honest with Aurelia. Ish. ‘No,’ she said. ‘I ran into your cousins in Florida. I worked a few things out when they talked about… you. I came here to… to meet you. You’re right, I’ve never met another witch before.’

‘Neither have I,’ said Aurelia. ‘There’s of course my…’ Her last word was drowned out by a fervent crescendo from the crowd.