‘It won’t last long,’ she yelled over the noise. ‘He usually gives them a bit of a show. For about two minutes.’

And sure enough, in no time the manic roaring turned into rapturous chants of ‘De-me-tri-o! De-me-tri-o!’ and applause.

Juno shifted from foot to foot and craned her neck. She needed to stick to her plan. ‘I gotta go see this,’ she said to Aurelia.

Aurelia regarded her real steady for a long moment. ‘I see,’ she said then. She took a step towards the heaving spectators but presently stopped dead. She turned back to Juno. ‘Be careful,’ she said. ‘He’s just class A, but he doesn’t have the endorsement. Come on.’

The crowd parted as they strode through it, but when Juno got to the front Aurelia had disappeared.

Juno took a deep breath, braced herself, and looked.

If this was what he was really like, Demetrio could probably have won without Magic. He was the tallest man around by far, on the right side of brawny and the right side of lean. His deltoids were defined and the light coat on his broad chest petered out towards his navel. His brown hair was wild and his beard neatly trimmed. His eyes were of the clearest blue.

He was, as Juno had expected, a picture of a man.

As his bright gaze wandered along his crowd it obviously came to Juno. It widened and widened. She languidly shook her mane. Silence fell on the gathering. Somewhere a tinny church bell began to ring the Angelus. Juno steeled herself against his Magic air, sashayed right up to him, hips wriggling, and gave him her very best submerging, swamping smile. His triumphant grin turned infinitesimally insecure the exact moment before she deftly floored him with a left hook.