The upshot from Rolf’s visit was that my parents and I moved to Vancouver. Dad put his foot down this time. He was more than bored with the village by now. But it was the apparent unlikelihood of his wife running into witches or warlocks in a city that made him real determined. Aurelia took it well. She’d let life into her belly and was pregnant with my cousin Parsibál. Her husband took it even better. Juno, who since Rolf’s visit had been unable to extract much fun from Aurelia, voiced no real objections to returning to her origins now that she’d achieved what she set out to do and bagged a warlock. She, too, was pregnant, with my sister Roberta.

Grandma and pop were delirious to see their daughter after all this time. They’d received regular letters as well as the odd phone call with news of her academic progress in California, but had found that something unforeseen always happened to prevent them visiting her. Juno kept all this up whilst on the island, pretending she was still in LA. It was a stroke of luck that her return to Vancouver occurred at precisely the time she should’ve graduated. That they now had a son-in-law and new grandchild with another one on the way was a surprise for her parents, but the joy at their enlarged family and the prospect of Juno and brood living nearby soon made up for their disappointment at having been left out.

Dad initially spoke English by means of roughly the same Magic Juno’d used to sing Joni’s songs, and mind-read to understand it. Pop offered him a job in his garage, which despite mom’s protestations he took. She got to make the domestic decisions though, so we wound up living not in Hastings but in a turn-of-the-century pad in leafy next-door Burnaby. No idea whether the previous householders took to the seas. Don’t wanna know.