Amazingly my parents settled into an almost normal kinda groove. By their standards. Demetrio got to hang out daily with a bunch of guys again and really got into motors. He became a whiz in no time. No idea either whether that was down to his brand of organic Magic or a genuine ability. For despite my exaltation on class A, I can still only tell if somebody’s got Magic as such in them or not. Without reading minds I can’t tell when Magic’s actually being performed. No witch or warlock can, as far as I’m aware. Life would be a whole lot easier if this could be done, is my theory.

Meanwhile Juno had lots of children to give birth to and bring up. She managed to do only one major bit of vanity Magic ’round that time, when a new name was sought for the Gold Leaf Canadian Music Awards in ’71. You might be aware that these have been known as the Juno Awards since then. Very rarely she’d check up on Jackson in those days, but stopped even that when he finally, at long last, got to release his debut album in ’72. A top ten hit followed instantly. I remember her playing it for me. Doctor My Eyes. But even more vivid is my memory of his follow-up album a year later. For Everyman, it was called. On the title track Jackson and David sang in perfect harmony about someone with all the answers, who holds out a father’s hand and takes them back to the sunny safety of childhood. I distinctly recall the intense wide-open feeling I got when the swelling drums over the quiet, searching acoustic guitar gave way to the blissed release of the electric right at the end. It made me believe that anything was possible. Anything. It’s my favourite early memory.

By then there were three of us. Carey had joined us in ’71. Clyde, Bernard and Inés arrived over the following three years. All of us had Magic. Obviously we were all geniuses. My brothers and sisters went along with this from the earliest age, and I guess I often did too, although I now like to tell myself that I always felt uneasy about it. Considering how keen I was to spend time at my grandfolks’ house, it could be true. It all ended on my thirteenth birthday anyhow. That’s when my exaltation hit the fan.