Current Cover Jpeg - SmallWhen a reality TV show sends eight ageing rock stars on a charity quest in the Amazon, they eat bugs, pose, and get voted off one by one. So far, so stage-managed. But then the evicted rock ‘n’ roll survivors start dying off one by one in the freakiest accidents. Foul play is ruled out, viewing figures soar, and the show goes on, its backers keen to cash in.

Father Liam Dunne’s liberal views landed him in the wilds of Brazil two years ago. The only reason he still wears the cloth (figuratively speaking; mostly he’s in old denims and work boots these days) is that a secular life seems even worse. Although more than age and jungle hair connect him to those late rock icons, he tries hard to ignore the media circus that has come to his godforsaken neck of the woods, even after witnessing two of the deaths up close.

Until the rope bridge bearing the last contestants back to civilization breaks, and Liam, joined by music journalist Ella Fitzpatrick, starts to investigate this smiting of formerly living legends. Soon he’s dusting off his own old skills at rock ‘n’ roll survival that he put away with his guitar in ’69…

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OUT 21 JUNE 2018